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Science Enrichment Newsletter

Educake Top Scorers

Well done to everyone who completed their home learning this week. The top scores for each year group are:

Year 11: Mariya R and Imaan H.

Year 10: Aroosh S, Jenna C, Safaa Y, Sanaa G and Abubakr N.

Year 9: Yusuf I, Mariam U, Umaynah B, Mariya P, Alizah A, Florisa A, Adam E, Mantasha M, Muhammed A and Charlie B.


STEM club

Next week pupils will begin some exciting practicals investigating the properties of salts! We are familiar with table salt (Sodium Chloride), which we use to season the food that we eat. The teams will however discover the full variety of different salts that can be produced. They will even be able to produce a novel salt of their choice! The exciting results will be included in next week’s update!


Science career of the week

This week’s career is ‘Clinical technologist’. Clinical technologists are responsible for performing quality assurance on medical equipment and advising clinical staff on how to optimise its performance. Information about experience opportunities, providers, entry requirements and much more can be found here: Science career of the Week

Please speak to Mr. Burke, who will provide you with more information about this, or any other, science career.


Space News

A highlight for stargazers this week is the appearance of Venus and Jupiter, close together in the night’s sky. Looking just above the Western horizon in the early evening is the opportune time to observe this phenomenon, known as a conjunction. March 8th is also the date for the launch of Terran 1, the first 3D-printed rocket.

Mr. Fowlds – Science Enrichment Coordinator