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Science Enrichment Newsletter 16th September

By 16 September 2022No Comments

This week saw Year 7 truly welcomed to Science at Sharples with the ‘Science Show’! Students learned about how glow sticks use a chemical reaction to fluoresce and glow in the dark. They also found out how to skewer a balloon without it popping, simply by using washing-up liquid and surface tension. And they even made colourful volcanic eruptions and sent film canister rockets (almost) into space!

Year 7 will now move on to completing their Passport to Science in order to complete many more experiments.

If you have caught the science bug, don’t forget to sign up for lunchtime science clubs, just ask your form tutor or science teacher for more information. 

As for Year 11, biology, chemistry and physics drop-in clinics have begun. If you have any questions you need answers for or problems you would like help with, please be sure to bring them with you. 


Physics clinic – G52 – Tuesday lunch

Biology clinic – G46 – Wednesday lunch

Chemistry clinic – G53 – Thursday lunch 


We look forward to seeing you there! 


Mr. Fowlds – Science Enrichment Coordinator