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Science Enrichment Newsletter

By 9 February 2023No Comments

Educake Top Scorers

Well done to everyone who completed their home learning this week. The top scores for each year group are:

Year 11: Imaan H.

Year 10: Ziyaad P and Maddison S. 

Year 9: Munisha T, Ayesha M and Zoe A. 

Year 8: Forces: Aamirah M. Chemical Reactions: Khadija P and Shanifa M. Ecosystems: Aaisha P and Raees M.

Year 7: Forces: Dawood HS and Patrick W. Chemical Reactions: Aaliyah M and Safira T. Ecosystems: Safiya I.


STEM club

This week in STEM club pupils investigated the effect that music has upon our brain’s interpretation of visual images. The pupils watched four different popular film segments (pictured above) and were asked whether they evoked feelings of joy, fear, happiness or sadness. It was noted that in the absence of music, the scary segment had little effect upon the group. This illustrated the importance of sound in affecting how we interpret visual images. Pupils also learnt that the thalamus is a part of the brain that plays a key role in interpreting sounds. Next week there will be a more hands-on investigation with pupils building density towers!


Science career of the week

This week’s career is Pilot. Pilots can work for commercial airlines or transporting cargo around the world. Pilots are responsible for completing safety checks preflight in order to ensure safe travel. Information about experience opportunities, providers, entry requirements and much more can be found here: Science career of the Week 

Please speak to Mr. Burke, who will provide you with more information about this, or any other, science career.


Women and Girls in Science Day 

Saturday 11th February marks UN Women and Girls in Science Day. To celebrate this, we are inviting students to research a Woman in Science and create a poster all about the contribution made to science by their chosen scientist. Students will also be learning about Marie Curie, the first person to be awarded Nobel Prizes in two fields. 


Space News

The launch of Relativity Space’s Terran 1 rocket is due to take place this month. Terran 1 is unique amongst rockets as it is almost completely 3D printed. This technology allows rockets to be built far more simply, using far fewer parts and taking far less time. In fact, it is believed the technology could be used in the future to build a rocket from raw material to launch in under 60 days. Read more about it here:


Mr. Fowlds – Science Enrichment Coordinator