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Science Enrichment

By 17 September 2021No Comments

Bolton Scouts Astronomy Badge

Monday night saw Bolton Scouts visit the Sharples Observatory (interior pictured) as part of their Astronomy Badge. They spent the evening outside with Miss Dudley, learning how to use solar glasses, lunar binoculars and telescopes to observe the night sky, as well as spending some time in the lab with Mr Harding, learning how light and colour can transmit information across the vastness of space…

Science Enrichment Clubs

This week also saw the return of our Science Enrichment lunchtime clubs. If you are in Year 7, speak to your Form Tutor about joining up!

Monday – Astronomy with Mr Harding in G43. An opportunity to explore our fantastic observatory facility.

Tuesday – Star Wars with Miss Fairhurst in G59. A short time ago in a lab not too far away… 

Wednesday – STEM with Miss Dudley in G45. An opportunity to try out extra exciting practical activities in the lab!

Mr J. Harding – Science Enrichment Coordinator