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Science Enrichment


This half-term in Science, Years 7 and 8 have been studying Space, including the Moon, Solar System and Gravity. Below left, 7P are taking advantage of a short break in the cloud cover to observe Sunspots moving across the surface of our star, as well as the high temperature outer atmosphere of the Solar Corona using Solar Glasses (never stare directly at the Sun).


Meanwhile in lunchtime Astronomy Club, above right, Macaulay was trying on a NASA Spacesuit!


Animal Care

On Wednesday, Miss Fairhurst brought her dog, Junior, into school for our Years 9 and 10 Animal Care students. They practised health checks, restraining techniques and how to apply protective equipment, such as a muzzle. They all did really well and Junior is now well and truly exhausted from all of the fuss and cuddles!



Mr J. Harding – Science Enrichment Coordinator