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Science Enrichment

This week saw the return of students to Sharples after the half-term break, and so too the return of our Science Enrichment lunchtime clubs. If you are in Year 7, speak to your Form Tutor about joining up!



Fridays with Ms Dudley in G45. An opportunity to try out extra exciting practical activities in the lab! Practical work is a key hands-on skill for our Science students to develop, deepening their knowledge and understanding by enabling them to put their classroom theory into real-world practice. For example, below, we see some STEM Club students performing titrations, the neutralisation of acid and alkali solutions, indicated by the colour change.


Special mention to Ben Parker on becoming the first STEM Club Ambassador, who will be helping to run the club next year for the new Year 7s!


Astronomy Club

Thursdays with Mr Harding in G43. An opportunity to explore our fantastic observatory facility. This week, below, our Astronomy Ambassadors were observing the partial solar eclipse…


… unfortunately, the cloud cover on Thursday morning meant that we could not see the Moon moving in front of the Sun directly, but we were able to detect the 25% dimming of the light due to the quarter of the surface of the Sun being covered. Students will be learning about observing Solar Eclipses in their Science Skills lessons next week.


If you would like more information, please visit:


Mr J. Harding – Science Enrichment Coordinator