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Science Enrichment

By 28 January 2022No Comments

STEM Club Ambassadors

Congratulations to our newly appointed STEM Club Ambassadors, Aamirah Mallu 7A, Muhammad-Khaleel Valli 7A, Abubakar Champa 7A and Kulsoom Mohammed 7L, who can be seen below proudly wearing their new ambassador badges! This term, they are undertaking training with Miss Dudley to support delivering exciting lunchtime Science club sessions for Year 7.


Astronomy Club

Meanwhile, over in the lunchtime Astronomy club, our Year 7 astronomers were taking a break from their observatory training session due to the cloud cover to explore the principles of magnification, using binoculars to observe animals and plants on the distant hills beyond school (as well as spying on what some of their friends were up to on the playground!).


Mr J. Harding – Science Enrichment Coordinator, Space Education Lead