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Science Enrichment

By 15 October 2021No Comments

World Space Week – Part 2

Last week was World Space Week (go back and read our previous newsletter article for Part 1) and the Science team prepared a menu of enrichment activities for our students to celebrate. The theme this year was Women in Space, so we were particularly proud to host a virtual Astrophotography talk with Mary McIntyre, Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society. Please click the link for more information about World Space Week: 



To conclude the week, our GCSE Astronomy students were invited for an extra special Astrophotography talk from Mary McIntyre, Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society. Over a hot drink on a cold morning before school, we were wowed by incredible instruments and images, including Mary’s impressive home observatory set-up (top left), 24-hour exposure of the night sky (top right), breathtaking pictures of our own Milky Way galaxy (bottom left) and even the Moon (bottom right) which our Astronomy students happen to be studying themselves in class this week!




Science STEM Club

Year 7 Science STEM Club with Miss Dudley at lunchtime on Wednesday this week were carefully creating colourful ‘rainbows’ using acids and alkalis. See below for some of the fantastic finished products!



G2G Lecture Series: Pilot

On Thursday after school, our Year 9 and 10 ‘Good 2 Great’ students were treated to an aspirational career talk by Emma Wilkes, Jet2 Pilot. Emma talked us through her own path to becoming a pilot and instructor, detailing the demands of the training course, sharing her industry insights and answering any and all of our students myriad career based questions, including a look at a Jet2 training simulator (top right) and inside the cockpit of an airplane (bottom right).



Mr J. Harding – Science Enrichment Coordinator