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Royal Society Lecture

By 5 October 2017June 2nd, 2021No Comments

On Tuesday, 36 Year 8 and 9 pupils (on the Sharples Good to Great Programme) attended the Royal Society of Chemistry Dalton Lecture in Manchester. The subject of this year’s lecture was “Making the Tiniest Machines” and was delivered by Professor David Leigh, an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and recipient of multiple esteemed awards in the fields of nanotechnology. He is currently the head of the Leigh Research Group based at the University of Manchester, whose aim is to recreate the molecular machines that we see so often in Biology (such as ribosomes) out of synthetic chemicals. The group has succeeded multiple times, and the applications for such technology are vast and potentially world-changing. The pupils were engaged with Professor Leigh’s ideas for future technology, magic tricks and his Wallace and Gromit analogy which helped to explain the higher level chemistry in a more relevant manner. All in all this was a very successful trip and the pupils represented Sharples School immaculately.