Rounders Round-up

By 15 June 2018No Comments

The Year 7 and 8 rounders team played Harper Green this week at home. As we are the home team, we were up to bat first. Harper Green looked like strong fielders and they’ve proved to be just that. We found it difficult to get past second base scoring 3 only 6 times and 6 only twice. However, their tactics worked in our favour as we were able to use them when we went into field. Leah Winstanley took position between base 2 and 3. It was her job to catch the ball and stop the runner on second.  Leah managed to do just that. She stopped lots of players getting the higher scores. Unfortunately for us, Harper had a couple of really big hitters and every time they batted they scored a 6. All our players played extremely well and worked together as a team. Leah got ‘Man of The Match’ and the game ended 67-78 to Harper Green. Good luck to all of the girls playing next week against ESSA.