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Project Z

By 18 September 2020June 2nd, 2021No Comments

Auditions were held at Sharples School for the new series of Project Z which aired on Wednesday on CITV. Five of our fantastic Year 8 students were successfully selected to take part in the part-structured reality, part game show set in an imaginary apocalyptic world where Zombies roam the earth!

Project Z is a combination of roleplay and escape room style problem solving, based in a world where a catastrophic experiment by fictional company Itopia has led to people transforming into Zombie-like creatures known as ‘Zeds’ – dim-witted and lethargic on their own but deadly and infectious when in groups. 

Filming took place during October half term, so that the production crew could ‘dress’ the set and create the different rooms for each scene. Students gave up some of their half term break to ensure that filming for the programme was completed on time.

Imaan says,

“My experience with Project Z was a fantastic one! When I first entered school I saw all the sets and decorations and I couldn’t believe it. The school had rubbish and yellow tape everywhere. First we got ready for filming. They put microphones on us and made us wear ripped, muddy clothes. They then created ‘bruises’ on us by using stage make-up. I was so excited! The filming was great fun and we got to solve the riddles on our own. At the end of the day we met the ‘Zeds’ and had fun taking pictures with them. For me this was an experience I will never forget.”

Congratulations and well done on your television debuts – amazing performances from Josh, Imaan, Freya, Ozair and Raeesa!