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Primary School Liaison

By 24 November 2022No Comments

Each week, Mr Burrow of the Maths Department visits a local primary school to help prepare the Year 6 students for life at High School. He works on a variety of concepts and assists the primary staff in delivering maths teaching to different groups. This is a great way to ensure consistency in the teaching of maths between the different schools, and to ease the transition from primary to secondary school.

This week the visit took a different theme as part of the primary school’s aspirations day. Along with Mrs Molyneux, Mr Burrow talked to the pupils about a career as a secondary school maths and science teacher. They discussed the pupils’ aspirations and answered questions from reception all the way up to Year 6. It was an amazing experience for the pupils at one of our local feeder primary schools. We look forward to seeing them in Year 7 next September, and, who knows, one day at the front of the classroom!