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Presentation Evening 2017

By 29 November 2017June 2nd, 2021No Comments

Last Thursday, our Year 11 students (from 2016/17) returned to Sharples to collect their GCSE certificates in a celebration and awards evening.

Anish Munshi, a former Sharples student and now a dentist, presented the certificates and awards and also gave his words of wisdom to the students.

The ‘Exceptional Performance in English’ award went to two recipients. Mohammed Arif Patel was the personification of self-discipline. His revision notes were detailed and prepared early in the year which meant he could spend the exam period practising some of the more advanced skills which helped him to achieve the elusive Grade 9 in Literature. The co-winner was Samina Kabki who was determined to excel and put a huge amount of work into her English grade. Her intellectual curiosity, and her enthusiasm for the subject, helped her achieve a grade 7 in English Literature and a grade 6 in English Language.

The ‘Exceptional Performance in Maths’ award again went to two worthy winners. Kasim Mansur and Aiman Ibrahim who consistently showed great enthusiasm for Maths and gained the Gold Standard – a grade 9.

The ‘Exceptional Performance in Science (Double Award)’ award went to two winners. Sohanna Asmal (A/A) and Finley Wardley (A/A). The pair really embraced the subject and didn’t make any excuses when they struggled – they persevered!

The ‘Exceptional Performance in Science (Biology)’ award went to two students. Kseniya Pasiukevich for persevering throughout and showing a real interest for the subject. The co-winner was Doualeh Dahir for stepping up to the challenge and showing resilience throughout resulting in 5 levels of progress and an A* being achieved.

The ‘Exceptional Performance in Science (Physics)’ award went to Nick Brown for making full use of the support of both teachers and Teaching Assistants to maximise his outcome. This meant that Nick exceeded his target and achieved a grade A.

‘Exceptional Performance in MFL (French)’ went to Claire Ward as she worked hard throughout the whole course. Always prepared to spend the extra time revising, Claire ensured she improved the linguistic quality of her work.

‘Exceptional Performance in MFL (Spanish)’ went to Sannah Adam. She was always very enthusiastic about the subject, always worked really hard in class and as well as at home. She had the right attitude, showed resilience and was always ready to go the extra mile.

‘Exceptional Performance in Humanities (RS)’ went to Mavis Iroghama – with only 12 months on the course, Mavis achieved an A* performance. Simply outstanding!

‘Exceptional Performance in Humanities (History)’ went to Doualeh Dahir for consistent approach and demonstrating intellectual flair.

‘Exceptional Performance in Humanities (Geography)’ went to Masood Amdavadi for excellent and consistent attitude to work. Masood led by example to achieve a grade above his target.

‘Exceptional Performance in I.T.’ went to Moshin Khan (CiDA Grade A) who demonstrated a creative flair and high level of motivation and also to Abbie Clegg (ECDL) by showing a determination to succeed in the course eventually achieving a Distinction*.

‘Exceptional Performance in Sport’ went to Tom Egan – Tom was a great ambassador for the PE department throughout his 5 years at Sharples. He represented the school in a number of sports and showed excellent leadership throughout his time here. This was evident on GCSE moderation day when he scored full marks for his football coaching.
The award also went to Megan Heyes – who was another fantastic ambassador for the PE department over the years. She also represented many school teams and was an excellent role model for younger girls in PE. Megan’s commitment to the subject also led to her achieving an A in GCSE PE.
‘Exceptional Performance in Technology (Catering)’ went to Annalise Heald for her excellent attitude and application. Achieved A* for her controlled assessment and exceeded her target grade overall.

‘Exceptional Performance in Technology (Engineering)’ was awarded to Matthew Crompton – achieving a Distinction – a grade higher than his target! He worked hard throughout the year to achieve this.

‘Exceptional Performance in Technology (Resistant Materials)’ went to Masood Amdavadi – he showed an excellent performance and commitment shown throughout his entire GCSE.

‘Exceptional Performance in Technology (Graphics)’ went to Alia Boda – she displayed excellent commitment throughout the GCSE course.

‘Exceptional Performance in Technology (Health and Social Care)’ was awarded to Lauren Greenhalgh – She applied herself at all times and achieved a Distinction* with her exceptional portfolio.

‘Exceptional Performance in Art’ was awarded to two students, Hamza Mohammed Deima Butkute. The pair had natural talent that was supported by a determined approach to the subject.
Whole school awards were also presented; the winners are as follows:

The ‘Sharples School Ethos Awards’ deservedly won by Aksa Ghula, Desya Owusu and Sara Moosa.

‘Vocational Achievement Award’ went Aaron Patterson for work in Resistant Materials (A) and Catering (B). Also receiving the award was Annalise Heald excellence across Art, Health and Social Care and Catering.

‘Academic Aspiration Award’ went to Tia Cullen – she was determined to excel and refused to acknowledge that the challenges she faced would prevent her from being successful. She has taken the same ‘can do’ attitude to sixth form where she is heavily involved in the Law Society chasing her passion. Along with Tia, Ismael Janon was also received the award. He was one of a number of late arrivals to the year group. He quickly established himself with staff as a consequence of his willingness to access additional opportunities that would allow him to catch up and surpass the majority of his peers. The school has great confidence in suggesting that the best is yet to come from Ismael who has extremely high aspirations.

‘Academic Progress Award’ went to Azeem Diveli: the top male achiever across the school. We talk in Y11 of those who do it without others knowing – this clearly applied to Azeem who was stepping up in every subject area at the right time. Lucy Allatt also won the award for her ability and determination.

The ‘Leigh Bramwell Trust award for English and Maths’ went to Kseniya Pasiukevich. She obtained a grade 9 in English Literature and grade 8 in Language. For Maths, the award went to Adam Ali for gaining Grade 9.

‘Singadia Award for Science’ went to Kasim Mansur and Adam Ali for their A* in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Sharples’ ‘Award for Academic Excellence’ went to Aiman Ibrahim. He gained a grade 9 in Maths and English Literature, Grade 8 in English Language, A* in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Spanish, Computer Science, Graphics and an A in History.