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PE Department Round-up

By 22 January 2021June 2nd, 2021No Comments

The PE department has been thrilled with the attendance to live lessons at both KS3 and KS4 – well done and keep it up!

The Year 9 Sport Studies group have been covering barriers to participation in sport as part of their contemporary issues unit of work. The timing has been perfect, with the exam group reflecting on their own barriers during lockdown and, more importantly, how they can find possible solutions to ensure that they are physically active throughout the week.

Year 10 are preparing for their summer exam and have been studying different methods of training. Students have been looking at how different types of training will help to improve different aspects of their fitness. The content covered has given students new ideas that can be used whilst away from school.

Year 11 have been finishing off their own personalised training programmes, the planned sessions will be excellent in keeping students actively motivated during lockdown.

Years 7 and 8 have been taking part in online lessons, the department felt it was important to check in with students once per week and help educate them about their physical fitness and how this can be improved whilst away from school. The school feels strongly about supporting our students whilst away from school and ensuring that every child understands that taking part in physical activity is vitally important in order to help keep a healthy body and mind at this difficult time.

During the last lockdown, Sport England reported the following after extensive research:

  • Only 19% of children under 16 met the Chief Medical Officer’s guidelines (1 hour of physical activity per day).
  • 43% of children under 16 did less than 30 minutes of physical activity per day.
  • More worryingly, 1 in 14 said that they did nothing to stay active during lockdown.

We have been speaking with students about the additional barriers during this lockdown, such as the dark nights and the weather. Last week the department delivered a lesson focusing on health and well being, emphasising the importance of daily routine, overcoming the barriers we face, diet and screen time.

This week, students have been working through a powerpoint about components of fitness, their importance and how the home workouts they’ve been sent will help improve these aspects. The next topic will guide students through the principles of training and how these can be applied to their home workouts to improve their fitness.

All students participated in theory lessons at the start of the academic year during core PE lessons, highlighting the importance of being physically active as part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Well done to everyone attending the lessons and remaining physically active whilst at home, you have shown great resilience under difficult circumstances and taken responsibility for your own health and well being.