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Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

By 5 October 2022No Comments

Jack R, in Year 11, was given a once in a lifetime opportunity this week with his Air Cadet group. 

On Monday, eight cadets had the opportunity to go flying at 10 AEF at RAF Woodvale.

Each had a flight lasting 25 minutes with an experienced instructor pilot, during which they learnt the basics of flying an aircraft (Grob Tutor) and undertook some aerobatic manoeuvres.

Jack said that it was ‘the best thing he’s ever done in his life’. He’s now trying to work out how quickly he can be flying again. 

Until Monday Jack had never even been in an aeroplane. It is quite unusual for someone’s first flight to involve wearing and learning how to use a parachute and doing aerobatic manoeuvres!

An absolutely amazing experience! We will see you in the sky again very soon Jack!