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National Asian Wedding Fashion Show Trip

By 9 February 2023No Comments

Last weekend, Year 9 and Year 10 pupils went to Old Trafford Cricket ground to attend a Fashion and Textiles trip. We attended the National Asian Wedding Fashion show. This is one of the largest wedding fairs across the country. The trip allowed pupils to see different fabrics and cultural dresses from around the world. There were an array of outfits for the pupils to see and feel. The cricket ground was filled with colour, music and amazing food. We were gifted with lots of treats from the many vendors who were amazed by how interested our pupils were in the fashion around them. We got to experience 360 degree photography and sample the wedding cakes. The pupils attended a cat walk and some of us even walked our very own catwalk!

In the afternoon the pupils enjoyed authentic asian cuisine, fit for a wedding. The day was an astounding success and one we will look forward to doing again next year.

We received a warm welcome from the organisers and they were happy to welcome pupils from Sharples School at their wedding show.