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Mock election fever at Sharples School

By 3 May 2017June 2nd, 2021No Comments

With the nation gearing up for an early general election on 8th June, Sharples School will be holding a mock general election involving students and staff, just as we did for the American presidential election in November 2016. Year 7, 8 and 9 students will take part in activities in their History lessons to prepare for the mock election. Year 10 students will do the same in their History, Geography or RS lessons.

The mock election itself will take place in year assemblies in the week beginning 8th May. All students will take part in a secret ballot which will be as realistic as we can make it, with ballot papers, voting booths and a ballot box. It will be fascinating to see the results, but what really matters is that students are given the experience of taking part in a secret ballot, with all the drama of the real general election going on in the background.

If parents and carers are able to discuss the general election (and how they feel about the voting process with their children over the next few days) then that would help them get the most out of the mock election.

Our ballots should be counted and the results given to students by the end of Friday 12th May.

And just in case you are wondering….back in November 2016, Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump by 81% to 19% in the Sharples Mock US Election.