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MFL Pen Pals

By 21 May 2021June 2nd, 2021No Comments


Throughout the school year, many of our students at Sharples have had the opportunity to communicate with a pen pal from schools in Spain or France, to practise what they have been learning in lessons. Pupils have worked hard to write letters to learn more about culture in other countries and to teach pupils their age some English. 

One lucky group in Year 8 had the opportunity this week to finally meet their pen pals and put a face to a name, thanks to a video conference on Tuesday. Pupils introduced themselves and asked questions in Spanish and in English to find out more about life for young people in Spain. Our pupils also contributed to educating their pen pals about life here in Bolton. 

All the pupils were very happy to meet their peers and we are looking forward to carrying on our work with our partner schools across Europe and the world. The feedback from our partner school was also very positive, as our colleague in Spain told us: “My students are really excited and looking forward to another online meeting with you sometime in the future”.