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Maths Department’s Space Week

By 14 October 2021No Comments

During Space week, last Thursday, Miss Patel and Miss Bamber’s Year 10 maths classes took part in a fantastic enrichment event. They joined a webinar that looked at the challenges faced with Space travel and their ingenious solutions.The students even made their own flying helicopters from paper!

Ayesha Policewala said “This event was really informative and it was an enjoyable experience. Our favourite parts were making helicopters and seeing the NASA astronauts land on Mars. We learnt so many new things and we can’t wait to share and apply this knowledge. We hope to get more wonderful opportunities like this in the future. Thank you to all the staff who organised this event”.

Mohammed Aurang said “Thank you very much for this wonderful experience. I learnt a lot and I’m sure all my peers did and I am now much more intrigued about space. I would like to do a similar event again”.