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Maths Department Update – Careers News and Options Information

Careers in Maths

Following the teaching of each topic, students look at different careers which make use of the mathematical knowledge and methods learnt in lessons. This week, Year 7 completed their work on Area and Perimeter and then applied this knowledge in the role of Estate Agents (as pictured). They looked at floor plans of different properties and using these had to work out the area and perimeter of each room and the whole property. Some students then had the opportunity to deliver a sales pitch to the rest of the class using their calculations.

Year 9 Statistics option

All students are required to study Mathematics for GCSE due to its importance in most careers and its application in day-to-day life. At Sharples, students have the opportunity of also studying a specific branch of maths: statistics. As part of options week, Year 9 students had a lesson explaining what the Statistics option would involve, and worked in groups on a task analysing data to advise a company on how to grow its dark supermarket! The option deadline for Year 9s is Friday, so hopefully students found the lesson useful in helping them make their choices.

National Careers Week

As part of National Careers Week, Year 9 students joined a webinar (pictured) with 3 panellists talking about their different jobs which all heavily involved maths. These were:

a civil engineer whose role is to protect people and biodiversity by designing schemes to minimise flood risk;

a project safety engineering specialist; and

a visual effects designer in the TV and movie business.

The panellists provided a fascinating insight into careers that are not normally considered by students wishing to make use of their mathematical skills. They discussed their education and career paths and gave invaluable advice to the students on making decisions about their own careers. A great experience for all the Year 9 students!

Year 7 Maths Club