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Maths Department Update

Mathematician of the Month – April

Every month a student is nominated from each of the maths classes as Mathematician of the Month. These students are nominated based on their hard work, enthusiasm and efforts within the lesson.

Shown here are some of the nominees for April. The full lists of nominees for each year group are available below – well done to them all!

Year 7
Naomi C
Ibrahim A
Merrab Z
Nouman I
Umar E
Nia M
Adil G
Mia J
Hassan K

Year 8
Juwariyah U
Yahya I
Peter F
Amaan B
Joyeuse N
Dylan G
Areeb S
Isobel C
Syed T
Leon B

Year 9
Maariya M
Amy P
Ahmed D
Harry R
Abyan A
Sam E
Zeemal A
Fatima D
Grace F

Year 10
Ethan E
Ryan H
Zara M
Aayan H
Brandon J
Daniel S
Fenani A
Heidi W
Matilda F

Year 11
Graice C
Daniel F
Humairah D
Jayden W
Leighton S
Kim C
Raessa M
Kito T
Zain A
Nuha K

National Numeracy Day competition for Years 7 and 8

Wednesday 17th May was National Numeracy Day. To celebrate, Years 7 and 8 can enter a national competition in which they create a picture of themselves doing their dream job or hobby and explain how they will use numbers in that role. The winners will receive a £50 voucher and the school £1000 worth of goodies!

To enter, students should ask their class teacher for a paper copy of the entry form or download the PowerPoint or PDF version from the Student Portal. Entries should be submitted to Mr Ryder before 25th May – don’t forget to add your first name, last initial, and age.


Year 9 Competition