Maths assessments are taking place over the next few weeks for all students.

Year 11 are already part way through their assessment plan.

Year 7 and 8 assessments take place on Thursday 6th May.

Year 9 assessments take place on Tuesday 11th May.

Year 10 assessments take place on Tuesday 4th May.

Assessments for students in Year 7-10 will cover the content taught in lessons this term. Students have been provided with a revision list.


Preparing for your maths assessment…

  • The best way to revise maths is to practise maths.
  • You can find practice questions in your booklets or on Mathswatch. Please let your maths teacher know if you have forgotten your Mathswatch login details.
  • Make sure you take time to learn any formulae you need.  These are in your booklets.
  • Start revising early, and try to revise little and often. Revising a little bit every day will help you to remember more than if you do a very long revision session the day before.
  • If you need help, make sure you ask your teacher. We are here to help you to get the best assessment score you can.
  • Make sure you bring the equipment you need to your exam. You will need a pen, pencil and ruler.  You will also need a calculator. 
  • Having a good scientific calculator that you know how to use can make a huge difference to your assessment score.  The school recommended calculator is the Casio Classwiz FX-83GTX.  (For students in KS4 who are working towards the higher tier GCSE, we recommend the Casio Classwiz FX-991EX).