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International Week

By 1 March 2018June 2nd, 2021No Comments

During the last week of last half term, we celebrated International Mother Tongue Day. Events took place throughout the week. Pupils played pass the parcel during form time whilst answering questions about languages and cultures. The Language Ambassadors took charge of the lunch time events and took it in turns to organise and run a session to celebrate the event.

On Monday, Sumaita Shabnam created a challenging international quiz with Derartu Ahmed winning first prize. Tuesday celebrated music from all over the world. This was organised by Arshma Zahoor and Zofia Kloczkowska. More fun was had on Wednesday as we held a very successful food tasting session (pictured above) ran by Annaleese Hooks and Jessica Buckthorpe. Pupils tasted foods from France, Spain, Italy and Poland. On Thursday, we looked at international festivals. The week finally culminated with our very popular dancing activity bringing the week to a close. Ridah Hassan and Momna Hussain guided us through a range of dance routines from all over the world.

Pupils enjoyed all of the activities and left enthusiastic to learn more in the future. All the credit goes to the Language Ambassadors who worked very hard to organise the events and provided fellow pupils at Sharples with insight into languages and cultures from across the globe.