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By 4 November 2016June 2nd, 2021No Comments

This term will see the competition between Sharples’ 4 houses really hot up. Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn & Venus will be competing for 2 shields this month:

Inter-House Bake-Off & Inter-House Sharples’ Got Talent


Inter-House Bake-Off will see each house have 1 day to sell as many cakes as they can at break & lunch. In addition to this, each house will need to bake one special cake that will decide the ‘House Champion’. If,as parents or guardians, you wish to contribute to the baking, then please do – ask your son/daughter which house they are in and they will be able to tell you when they are needed for.



Next, will come Inter-House Sharples’ Got Talent. We know that our students have hidden talents and we want to see them in front of a live audience. Please see noticeboards, Twitter and the school website for audition dates and times.
This month, we are also supporting ‘Movember’. Staff, with the support of some Year 11 student,  are growing beards/moustaches to support the charities linked to see this cause. Next week, we will have pictures of the staff and students to show you how they are ‘growing’.
Please see link for more information (

Along with the Inter-House attendance and rewards, this month will be eventful!  We will finish with the ‘House Banquets’ in the final week of this term.
If you would like to contribute towards ‘Movember’, the ‘Bake Off’ or keep up to date with House News at Sharples, please email me or follow us on Twitter (@SharplesSchool) and the school website (

Student of the Week (week 7)
Alex Gallagher Gardiner 9A, Jack Lee 8P, Aya Mohamed 7P, Leona Wilde 10P, Blazej Kowalcyzx 7P, Jess Egerton 11A, Leoni Patel 7S, Ahmed Dhan 8P, Muhammad Chatha 7H , Olivia Walsh 7S, Josh Onley 7H, Scott Astley Y10, Nizam Patel Y11, Shebhaz Patel 9S, Kader Dahir 10H, Unais Kaduji 10A, Mohammed Gija Y10, Deima Butkute 11, Rubia Iqbal 11P, Porsha Hooks 10L, Firdous Ismail 8E, Zaynah Patel 8E, Saraah Mohmed 7H, Sumble Akram 10P, Hishaam Miyaaji 11P, Toby Hall 11E, Sally Ratcliffe 7S, Laura Castro Borja 11E, Abdul Malik Otulana 10P, Ryan Hill 8A, Mia Ellis 10L, Lola Pilling 8S, Mohammed Khan 11R, Emily Price 10E, Aliyah Abas 9L, Natasha Robinson 9P, Nizam Patel 11, Aaron Patterson 11, Bilal Mathar 11H, Crystal Sandiford 7E, Bilal Mathar 11H, Megan Heyes 11E, Max Blazia 11E, Humairaa Dawood 11A, Emma Jones 8P, Sumaita Shabnam 8E, Ryan Hill 8H, Natasha Robinson 9P, Isma Iqbal 10S, Zaynab Bux 8P, Fatima Patel 8P, Nadirah Patel 10H, Sadia Patel 8H, Chris Ward 7L, Fatima Gajra 10S, Sohanna Asmail 11P, Aaisha Bapu 11P, Rubia Iqbal 11P, Aksa Ghulam 11H, Shaizia Habib 11L, Amy Idress 11E and Desya Owusu Mpedworo, 11L

Jupiter – Alex Gallagher -Gardiner 9A, Mercury – Emma Jones 8P, Saturn – Sumble Akram 10P, Venus – Emily Price – 10E, Ismail 8E & Zaynah Patel 8E.