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House News (Week 18)

By 3 February 2017June 2nd, 2021No Comments

Student Of The Week


Fatima Patel 8A, Zaynah Patel 8E, Hazra Bhavaya 9S, Firdous Ismail 8E, Annaleese Hooks 9S, Zofia Kloczkowska 7S, Ismail Valli 11L, Aaron Patterson Y11, Masood Amdavadi 11S, Emily Glenn 11S, Luke Wainman 11P, Ryan Pilkington 11S, Salina Abas 8E, Bilal Mathar 11H, Tyler Condron 10H, Tommy Banks 10H, Lewis Pollitt 10P, Mohammed Gija 10H, Natasha Robinson 9P, Rowan Edlington 8L and Joelle Cross 8E.


Jupiter – Ismail Valli 11L. Ismail has had a fantastic couple of weeks in Maths. He has independently mastered work at a grade 7/8 level and supported other members of the group to do the same.
Mercury – Mohammed Gija 10H. Mohammed has worked conscientiously on all set tasks in Maths and completed a particularly outstanding piece of online homework on 3D Pythagoras’ Theorem.
Saturn – Masood Amdavadi Y11S. Excellent paired work with Emily Glenn on exam paper (30/30 marks).
Saturn – Emily Glenn Y11S. Excellent paired work with Masood Amdavadi on exam paper (30/30 marks).
Venus – Zaynah Patel & Firdous Patel 8E. Both girls were escorting visitors for Ms Gawne. They were, as always, polite and well-mannered to the visitors.  In addition,  one commented, ‘What a credit she was to Sharples School.’



The Top Tutor Group is 9E Venus.

Tutor Groups that have achieved at least 100% once are:
Jupiter – 7S, 8S, 8A, 10S and 11R
Mercury – 8H, 9P, 10H and 11H
Saturn – 7L, 8L, 9L, 10A, 10P, 11A and 11S
Venus – 7E, 8E and 11P

Top attending students of the week (over 98% since September 2016) are Takunda Mutikani, 8E (Venus) and Holly Hargreaves, 7L (Saturn).


House Attendance

Position House Weekly Attendance Yearly Attendance
1 Venus 96.4% 96.9%
2 Mercury 94.0% 95.9%
3 Saturn 95.6% 95.8%
4 Jupiter 93.2% 95.0%