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House News Week 11

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Next week will see all four houses compete in the Inter-House Bake Off. From Monday to Thursday, each house will have a day to sell as many cakes as possible. These cakes have been made by the students and their parents/guardians and staff! If you wish to bake and help your son/daughter sell more cakes, ask which house they are in and bring them in on the days listed below:
Monday 28th November – Jupiter.
Tuesday 29th November – Mercury.
Wednesday 30th November – Saturn.
Thursday 1st December – Venus.
Then, on Thursday 1st December, each house will need to bake one special cake that will decide the house champion. The teams are coming together and the staff are ready to bake. Good luck to all involved.
Thank you to contributions already – all monies raised from next week go towards ‘Movember’.
Please see link for more information (
If you would like to contribute towards ‘Movember’, the ‘Bake Off’ or keep up to date with House News at Sharples, please email me or follow us on Twitter (@SharplesSchool) and the school website ( Email:

Inter-House Sharples’ Got Talent
The auditions are nearly done and the Judges are going to have a difficult decision deciding who goes through to the next round. Well done to all competitors – an announcement will be made on Tuesday 29th November.

Student of the Week (Week 10)
Muhammed Sattar 10P, Toby Hall 11E, Sam Jones 9H, Naeem Ahmad 9A, Sean Darcy 11A, Nadeem Chana 8L, Aprel Smith 7H, Charles Wilkinson 7A, Kai Dalhouse 10H, Patrick Bimenyimana 10H, Aaron Taylor 11A, Emily Jones 10L, Safyaan Khan 10P, Emily Price 10E, Milli Knowles 9P, Garen Naccachian 11S, Ismael Janon 11A, Jake Spencer-Rigg 9L, Tabatha Peek 7H, Paige Calow 7H, Rowan Edlington 8L, Jack Hutchinson 10A and Hayden Dugdale 9H.

Jupiter – Hayden Dugdale
Mercury – Aprel Smith
Saturn – Sean Darcy
Venus – Emily Price