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House Event: Blind Football Tournament

By 16 February 2018June 2nd, 2021No Comments

Students from across each of the year groups challenged themselves on Thursday lunchtime by taking part in a football tournament with a difference. Six students from each of the four houses temporarily blindfolded themselves and faced off in a blind football tournament.
Jupiter were drawn to play Mercury in the first game of the tournament. The crowd, having made a contribution to The Benjamin Gautry Foundation, cheered on the students and enjoyed the first tentative experience with sightless football. They were treated to an exhibition from Y9 students Mustafa Bdewi and Abdifatah Mohmed as Mercury ran out 3-0 winners to book their place in the final.

Saturn and Venus went head-to-head in the second semi-final and produced a much closer, more intense game! Students crashed into each other, swung at footballs that simply weren’t there and fought for every loose ball. The presence of several Y11 students – Emre Simsek in particular trying to channel his inner Wilfried Zaha – made for a more physical encounter. Keane Smith was the difference between the sides as his brace saw Venus secure a place in the final with a 2-0 win.

The final was a showdown between Mercury and Venus. There was more falling, mistimed swipes at thin air and a series of accidental collisions as each student seemed desperate to claim a victory for their house. Alex Grabowski, a Year 7 student who spent the first match dancing around in his goalmouth, produced a wonderful save to keep Venus out early on in the game. Another goal from Mustafa Bdewi, plus two more from Abdifatah Mohmed, saw the boys share the ‘Golden Boot’ and ensure a Mercury victory. Laten Morris, who had previously run the full length of the pitch and crashed against the crossbar, scored a consolation goal with the final kick of the game to make it 3-1.

The students taking part, as well as the staff and students in support, thoroughly enjoyed themselves and represented each house in exemplary fashion. The next sporting event is scheduled for after the half-term break so students from each house need to spend the holiday keeping fit and working on their skills.