Good 2 Great: the art of afternoon tea

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The students , who are part of the Year 7 Good 2 Great Programme, served up a treat for our Senior Leadership Team this week.

Back in March, the students visited a tea shop in Wheelton to learn the art of making afternoon tea.

On Thursday, the team prepared a feast for Ms Webster and her team:  delicious sandwiches, scrumptious carrot cake, delectable brownies, mouth-watering shortbread and – of course – a traditional scone were all served in a mini picnic basket!

The staff were suitably stuffed by the end of their meeting!

The students learned about the presentation of food and adding value to make food a good business opportunity.

A huge thank you to Mrs Farnworth and Mrs Fogg for organising the event and well done to all of the students who worked so hard on the project!