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Girls’ Sports Report

On Monday, we welcomed Ladybridge, St Catherine’s and Harper Green to Sharples to play a dodgeball tournament. The tournament was run by the Bolton Schools Sport Organiser and was the preliminary round before the Manchester Games in the summer. We are all fans of dodgeball at Sharples but this was a new game to us. You played in teams of 6, there were 3 balls and lots of different rules.

ames were played in 5 rounds (of 2 minutes) and we can assure you, for those 2 minutes you have to be completely focused as the game is played at such a fast pace. The tournament was for Year 7 and 8 and we had a boys and girls team representing Sharples. We’d like to say congratulations to Ladybridge who won the tournament!  They will go on represent Bolton at the Manchester games. Well done to Sharples for getting this far too! We will be playing the new game this year as part of or Sports Day, so you can start to think about your team of 6 from your house.