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Geography Field Trips

By 20 October 2017June 2nd, 2021No Comments

This term has been a busy one for the Geography department with over 100 geographers taking part in field trips across two counties.

Last week Year 11, led by Mr Poole, Mr Callaghan and Mr Foster travelled to Ainsdale Sands to study sand dune morphology and vegetation succession. This was so the pupils could gain new skills and data for the fieldwork element of their GCSE exams.

This week, 25 Year 8 geographers took a trip to Ingleton (in Yorkshire) with Mr Foster to learn about how waterfalls form. The trip involved a four and a half mile hike through ancient woodland to visit some of the most stunning waterfalls and limestone scenery in the British Isles.

The day was a great success with the pupils honing their fieldwork skills and improving their understand of the physical geography of the area. The day ended with a short visit to the village of Ingleton before a well deserved rest on the bus home.