Extra-Curricular after Half Term

By 21 October 2021No Comments

The PE Department’s Extra-Curricular timetable has some exciting new additions being introduced after half term. Badminton is being introduced both Monday after school and three different lunch times for Years 7-10. There will also be a Fitness Suite offering at Wednesday lunch time (KS3) and Friday lunch (Girls only). The fitness suite will also be available after school on Monday (Girls), Tuesday (KS3) & Thursday (KS4).

Thai Boxing will take place on Monday after school for all year groups, Basketball will run on Wednesday after school again for all years. Dance Club (Year 7) will be introduced on Wednesday and Rugby Club (Year 7 & 8) will run on Thursday.

Swimming club will continue to run for Year 7 & Year 8 SHARP on Monday after school and then Year 7 & Year 8 P1LES1 on Wednesday. 

You can see the full Extra-Curricular timetable for both lunch times and after school below.