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European Day of Languages

By 29 September 2016June 2nd, 2021No Comments

Sharples’ pupils and staff celebrated the European Day of Languages this week. This was an exciting event as this marked the first House Competition of the year! All pupils were invited to build a model of a European landmark. We had some fantastic entries including Mount Vesuvius, London Bridge and the Parthenon. The MFL department were inundated with several Eiffel Towers too!! 9H decided to submit a form effort (see picture) – “the Leaning Tower of Pizza”.

In addition, Pupils were also invited to take part in a linguistic Treasure Hunt which involved searching around the school building to find keywords in lots of different languages.

Finally, the school canteen served up a storm with their European Menu on Monday. A wide range of dishes were served including patatas bravas, french onion soup and paella.

Treasure Hunt competition winners to be announced soon!