English Language Escape Room

By 21 October 2021No Comments

On Tuesday, our Year 9 pupils took part in an amazing and engaging English Language Escape Room challenge. Our pupils entered the Professor’s Quarters to hear a lecture by the acclaimed author of Terrible Tales – Professor Scream who needed a mystery solved. Pupils explored each location where they interacted with a character who set up an English Language related task to deal with a series of circumstances and problems. Solving the mystery just in the nick of time meant that Professor Scream was saved!

An enjoyable and interesting experience was had by all. Below is some of the feedback from our pupils:

“It was educational, motivational and intriguing.” Amelia Patel.

“It helped me to develop and embed my creative writing skills as I improved my vocabulary.” Zakiyya Munshi.

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to take part in the escape room! I really enjoyed it and it was really fascinating.” Aqueelah Ali.