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English Department’s Work of the Term

By 17 December 2021No Comments

This term in English we have been studying a range of different texts, developing our analytical skills and creative writing. By using the hyperlinks below, you can see some wonderful examples of the excellent work our students have been working on throughout the term. 

In Year 7, students have been working on their creative writing skills and have been planning sentences and structures to write a story titled ‘The First Day’. They have also been studying numerous short stories, exploring the imagery created by the writers and the different ways writers hook readers into their writing. Furthermore, Year 7 have also started their study of poetry from other cultures, expanding their knowledge and understanding of other societies. The students have excelled in their first term at Sharples and have done very well. Click here to view a selection of the best Year 7 work.

In Year 8, students have been developing the creative writing skills that they worked on during Year 7. They have worked hard on writing a guide and making sure this was written in a formal, professional manner. They have also recently completed their study of Blood Brothers and have thoroughly enjoyed looking at different themes across the text. They have also started their study of British Poetry and have shown great enthusiasm for older texts that have shaped the language we use today. Click here to view a selection of the best Year 8 work.

Year 9 have delved straight into the Victorian Era with their study of Jekyll and Hyde, exploring themes of duality, repression and mystery. They have thoroughly enjoyed looking at the language of the text and how Stevenson engages a reader. Their creative writing skills have been further developed as they have been studying varying fiction and non-fiction texts that relate to the theme of gender. Furthermore, they have developed their poetry skills, now focusing on the theme of conflict. Click here to view a selection of the best Year 9 work.

Year 10 have developed their literary critic skills, working on their poetry whilst focusing on love and relationships. They have worked hard on making sure they can make links across poems and ensuring they are well equipped to analyse and comment on poetry. They have also studied A Christmas Carol and ensured their annotations are detailed, well developed and linked to the context of the writing. Click here to view a selection of the best Year 10 work.

Year 11 have worked exceptionally hard this term with mocks exams, revision and essay answers part of their daily routine. All students worked well, developing their writing and analytical skills whilst also ensuring they have revised for their Literature texts. They have also started An Inspector Calls this term, which has taken Year 11 by storm, all students have been engaged, intrigued and thoroughly interested in the narrative and how the characters have been portrayed. Click here to view a selection of the best Year 11 work.

Well done to all students, they have worked exceptionally hard and should be immensely proud of their achievements.


Readers of the Week

Year 7
Farah Ahmed Muhumed for being very passionate during his reading of ‘Trash’.

Year 8
Darcie Lomax for a dramatic reading of a poem.

Year 9
Max Jameson for excellent reading in English.

Year 10
Mikaeel Atcha for reading A Christmas Carol with passion.

Year 11
Layton Smith for an excellent impression of Mr Birling.