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COVID-19 Testing – Parental Consent

By 3 December 2021No Comments

Upon returning to school in January, secondary schools across England are required to test pupils for Covid-19. So that your child can take part in the testing, we need parental consent. 

Please visit the ‘Parental Consent’ section on ‘MyChildAtSchool’ (MCAS) to review the information provided and confirm whether you wish for your child to take part in the lateral flow testing. 

If you are not sure how to access the ‘Parental Consent’ section on MCAS, please see the information below:

The Parental Consent is available from the Menu Bar only.

It displays parental consent statements and you are required to state ‘YES, I give consent’ or ‘No, I do not give consent’. 

Once you have selected the consent option, you should click on the green ‘Save’ button. 

If you do not have access to MCAS, you can request help by completing this electronic form –

Finally, you can find more information about MCAS on our website –