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Computational Thinking Competition

By 21 December 2017No Comments

We recently published an article about our Key Stage 3 pupils competing in the Bebras UK Computational Thinking Competition. This is designed to test a student’s ability to problem solve a range of short tasks. Completed online, this was undertaken during our regular lessons and pupils had a time limit (of forty minutes) to complete as many of the tasks as possible. The tasks were fun, engaging and based on problems that Computer Scientists often meet and enjoy solving. The tasks could be solved without prior knowledge but instead required logical thinking.

We are now pleased to publish the full results (click here) and also to congratulate the following pupils:

Callum Tanner
Fatimah Ismail
Meghna Nathoo
Anbar Teemil
Leon Haslam
Max Marsden-Price
Ayesha Nagori
Amin Patel
Matthew Senior
Fatima Adam
Isabel Chamberlain
George Edmonds
Fatima Mohmed
Aaminah Patel
Muhammed Rafique

They have all qualified to compete in the TCS Oxford Computing Challenge which takes place in March. Again, this will take place during school time but requires some preparation. We will encourage those taking part to attend some practice sessions in the new year. To qualify for this event, pupils had to be placed in the top 10% nationally in their age group so we are extremely proud of their achievements. Well done to all of you!