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Attendance Information – Notification of Absence

By 24 September 2021No Comments

From Monday 27th September 2021, we would like parents/carers to notify Sharples School of any child absence through the ‘MyChildAtSchool’ web app.


Please watch the following video to see how this is completed:


If after watching the above video, you would like further information about this process please see the step by step instructions here:


Finally, you can also notify the Sharples School of your child’s absence by emailing 


When contacting the school to communicate your child’s absence on either ‘MyChildAtSchool’ or email the following information must be provided:

  • Name of Parent/Carers
  • Name of child/children
  • Year Group and Form
  • Reason for absence


Any notification of your child’s absence must be provided by 09:30 at the latest.


Please note that the school attendance officer may contact you for further information about your child’s absence.