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Art Department Best Bits

By 16 July 2020June 2nd, 2021No Comments

As the end of the term approaches the Art Department would like to say a huge well done to students and their families for their hard work and support during lockdown. It has been incredible to see art skills and confidence in the subject grow whilst embarking on a home studying journey. I think one of the best bits of lock down that I would like to celebrate is seeing student independence, creativity and self-management skill flourish. Below is an example of some amazing lock down work made by one of our Year 10 students.



Holly (Year 10)
We have had fun putting the Hope exhibition together. We were so amazed with the number of students and staff who got involved and supported the exhibition. The worked looked great. We are very proud of the display in Asda and Bolton Hospice.



Gemma Betton
I think my personal favourite time in lockdown has been going back into school and seeing and teaching my Year 10 class. Year 10s all seemed to enjoy the lesson and were happy to be back in school. We so looking forward to seeing you all again soon. Keep safe and have a well deserved summer break.


We have enjoyed participating in zoom calls with the artist Kate Brinkworth and businesswoman Gemma Betton. They gave Year 9, 10 and 11 tips about how to develop their work and how to make money selling art in the art industry.