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A Career as a Statistician

By 11 February 2021June 2nd, 2021No Comments


This week, pupils in Year 10 and 11 attended a Zoom careers presentation by Statistician, Laura Thornley (see image above), with the intention of inspiring our pupils to study Maths beyond Sharples.

She talked about her responsibilities at a company that delivers gas to Northern homes and businesses. She outlined how she used Maths to decide how many engineers are needed to deal with a particular emergency situation, how and when to replace metal pipes with modern plastic pipes and organising roadworks to minimise disruption to traffic.

Saara Chhadat (Year 11) said ‘I think the talk was extremely useful for people interested in a career in maths. It definitely gave me more of an insight into post-16 career choices. I will certainly consider choosing A Level maths because of her talk and I’m sure it also inspired others.’

Hamza Akhtar (Year 11) said ‘I found the talk of being a statistician riveting since it was a career I did not really know existed. Also, how versatile your options are when you have a qualification in maths, such as working in business, engineering and healthcare to careers in industries such as Formula One.’