Update From Mrs Quesnel

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Dear Pupils, Parents, Carers and friends of Sharples School,

I would like to update you on some of the successes we have had as a school over the last year.

We are delighted that we finally converted to become a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) on 1st June. Currently, Sharples is the sole academy in the Trust and there is no private or other sponsor involvement. We hope primary or secondary schools may join us in the future and will consult with you as this happens. As part of our conversion, we have taken custody of the Sharples Leisure Centre. This has been renamed ‘Health Hub at Sharples’ and we are working quickly to ensure that the offer to our community remains accessible to all whilst being able to continue to run the facility into the future. Even with funding from the council, we need you to spread the word regarding the pool – to ‘use it or lose it’ as it is such an expensive resource to maintain. Please see the school website for more details and make a note of the grand launch on Saturday 1st October.


The Class of 2016 worked hard towards their GCSE exams in spite of Ramadan falling at a difficult time for many of them. Additional learning sessions were provided after school, at weekends and during the holidays and these were extremely well attended. Well done to all our Year 11s for their exam results (see picture for lots of happy faces).

I hope that parents have a good understanding of the new assessment levels used at Sharples and are able to appreciate where their children have made good progress and where more effort is needed. Please feel free to feedback any comments or observations you might have about this or other curriculum issues.

Our primary school transition programme continues to flourish. Over 1000 pupils in Year 5 and 6 accessed Sharples School -led activities: 10 local feeder primaries attended workshops, masterclasses and events; we provided support for primaries in 7 different curriculum areas and over 30 primary staff received CPD through Sharples School. It was a pleasure to learn that record numbers of Year 6 pupils achieved Level 6 in maths, due at least in part to the masterclasses delivered by our maths teachers in some of our primary schools.

This year will see the introduction of a ‘House System’ to Sharples School. The students have already voted for the House names and the winning names were Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn and Venus. I know our students will embrace the House system and it will only serve to further embed the ‘family’ culture and ethos that already exists at Sharples.

This week saw the appointment of our new team of ‘Senior Student Leaders’ comprising: Head Girl – Aksa Ghulam; Deputy Head Girl – Sannah Adam; Head Boy – Max Blazia; Deputy Head Boy – Thomas Egan. Senior Student Leaders: Megan Heyes, Aiman Ibrahim and Matthew Crompton. They will assist Mr Perman in leading the Houses and will continue to support us with new ideas on how to improve life for Sharples pupils into the future.

So many trips, events and activities have occurred throughout the year there are too many to list. This goes to show how many opportunities our pupils are offered in order to broaden their experience of life and to inspire them and raise their aspirations as they go through school, preparing them for the world of work.

Thank you for your continuing support for Sharples which grows from strength to strength.