This week we celebrated the end of our Year 7’s first term at Sharples with the inaugural Sharples’ Family Meal. All Year 7 students and form tutors sat down together to enjoy a three course meal, along with several governors and Ms Webster. The Year 10 Gold Tie Prefects acted as the waiters for the event and did a fantastic job setting up the canteen and serving all the food and drinks.

The meal began with speeches by Head Boy Waahid Valli and Ms Webster who both told Year 7 students they should be proud of their first term at Sharples. Following this, a representative from each form spoke about the best moments of their first term.

Whilst they ate, Year 7 were entertained with music performed by some of our talented Year 10 and 11 students and the meal ended with an enthusiastic sing-along to ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen.

It was a wonderful end to a fantastic first term for our Year 7 students.