Super Learning Day

By 14 July 2017No Comments

Tuesday saw the final Super Learning Day of the year organised by Learning Skills for Life Coordinator, Mr Poole. The day was centered around the theme of Health and Wellbeing and saw Year seven, eight and nine take part in a number of exciting activities aimed at improving their mental and physical wellbeing.

A few of the sessions included Miss Southern’s introduction to Yoga with Y7 pupils. Many of the students said they’d never felt so calm and relaxed whilst Miss Jackson showed pupils how to de-stress with some mindful colouring. Other groups worked on coping with change with Mr Davies and building their growth mindset with Mrs Smith. Pupils also learnt some sign language with Mrs Latham with Thomasson Memorial School.

In addition, Y8 and Y9 focused on their physical health with Sharples staff working with them on their fitness. They were made to sweat with some Body Attack with Miss Ariff, ultimate frisbee with the PE staff and creating personalised training plans with our new Geography teacher, Mr Foster.

Pupils also heard the amazing story of Julie Tweedale who talked about her life and the lessons she has learnt from her experiences.

Y8 also had a first aid session, learnt about how our school IronMan (Mr Hesford) would travel from Bolton to Sunderland – I’ll give you a clue it involves cycling, swimming and running. Our catering suppliers, Mellors, also sent in a development chef to teach pupils how to cook a healthy, and tasty, meal. Other sessions included how to be ready for GCSEs, learning about healthy relationships and learning about racism, disablism and radicalisation.

The feedback from staff and visitors all praised how well the pupils did on the day.

The next Super Learning Day will be in the Autumn term.