Sharples Excellence System

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The Sharples Excellence System allows us to reward students daily for their contributions to school. The points system uses the acronym ACE which stands for Academic, Community and Excellence. Weekly rewards are given to students, including an early lunch pass with a friend, and half termly rewards such as a cinema afternoon.

Below are the weekly reward points for 2nd to 6th March:

Highest student in each year group:
Fatima Voraji 7E – 12 Points
Ayesha Policewala 8P1 – 16 points
Faith Peake 9P1 – 11 points
Szebasztian Olah – 9 Points

Highest form in each year group:
7E – 133 Points
8S1 – 98 Points
9P1 – 56 Points
10H – 53 Points