Key Stage 4 Structure / Subject List

The curriculum at Sharples is designed to ensure that all students achieve their potential.
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Subject Number of Periods
Year 10 Year 11
Mathematics (GCSE) 5 7
English Language and English Literature (GCSE) 6 7
Science (GCSE) 6 6
Physical Education (Core Curriculum) 1 1
Art (GCSE) Options
Astronomy (GCSE) Options
Business Studies (GCSE) Options
Computer Science (GCSE) Options
Digital Applications (GCSE) Options
Design and Technology  – Engineering Options
Design and Technology  – Food (GCSE) Options
Design and Technology – Graphics (GCSE) Options
Design and Technology – Resistant Materials (GCSE) Options
French (GCSE) Options
Geography (GCSE) Options
Health & Social Care (BTEC) Options
History (GCSE) Options
Performing Arts (BTEC) Options
Physical Education (BTEC) Options
Religious Studies (GCSE) Options
Sign Language Options
Spanish (GCSE) Options
Star Pathways Options
Option Subjects in Year 10 and 11 have 3 periods per week and pupils select 4 options.


Further details relating to these subjects including examination specifications and awarding bodies can be found on the department pages.

The range of subjects offered is reviewed annually in order to ensure that the curriculum offer best meets the needs of our pupils.

For further information regarding our curriculum please contact Mr Savage via email: