At Sharples School we believe that effective homework should support the educational goals of the school, take into account all students abilities and needs and strengthen the home school link.

Homework refers to any work or activities which students are asked to do outside of lesson time, either on their own, with their peers or with the support of parents or carers. Homework is an important part of the wider partnership between parents/carers and the school.

The Satchel One – Show My Homework platform is an essential part of our provision for parents for them to know and understand the type, frequency and quality of homework being set.

To help further support students the Sharples Library can be accessed by all students and contains a wealth of resources which can support them in the completion of their homework.

There is also a daily Homework Club providing internet and computer resources for those students unable to access these at home.

The Purpose of Homework:

  • Establish effective independent working habits
  • Consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding developed in school
  • Extend school learning through the development of wider skills of independent research and effective internet use
  • Develop personal responsibility and work management skills for curriculum tasks and demands such as GCSE/BTEC assignments
  • Strengthens the bridge in learning between Parent/Carers and in school learning

Homework at Sharples School

It is important that homework provides students with opportunities to practice skills, review content and deepen understanding of concepts learned. Homework and practice can also help students to develop self-regulation processes, such as time management and study skills. The most effective homework is in the form of short (30min -1 hour) activities specifically linked to the development or reinforcement of in lesson learning.

It is recognised that in order to be effective and efficient in promoting effective homework practices the frequency and type of homework is at the discretion of the Directors of Subject but across all curriculum areas the minimum expectation is as follows:

Key Stage 3

  • Core subjects (English, Mathematics and Science) to set a minimum of one piece of homework per week. Additional homework may be set as required.
  • Subjects with 2 or more lessons per week to set one piece of homework per week
  • Subjects with one lesson per week to set one piece of homework per fortnight

Key Stage 4

  • All GCSE and BTEC subjects to set a minimum of one piece of homework per week

Click here to access our homework platform – Satchel One: