Good 2 Great Programme Update

By 9 November 2017June 2nd, 2021No Comments

Back in September, our G2G Programme launched with the Most Able students in each year group invited to join. The core programme consists of a series of compulsory challenging workshops.  This is across all year groups and in all subjects along with the expectation that G2G pupils will attend at least two extra curricular clubs per week.

In addition, the enrichment programme offers G2G students the opportunity to take part in extra events to strengthen their skill set and become the next generation of doctors, dentists, solicitors, engineers and much more.

So far this term, we have held 4 core G2G events in RS, Performing Arts, History and Science with enrichment opportunities including a careers fair at Bolton School, a gothic literature evening and an evening programme at Bolton Sixth Form every Thursday.

The enrichment events are open to all students and our next event is an Engineering lecture in December. Look out for more details!