During distance learning Sharples School teachers are providing live lessons for students via Google Meet. Teachers  provide live lessons for the benefit of all students. They are extremely useful to support learning at home and therefore students should be respectful at all times when engaging with them.

Live lessons are recorded by the teacher for safeguarding reasons and any inappropriate behaviour is therefore recorded. During live lessons students should:

  • Turn their microphone and video off at all times during the lesson unless directed by the teacher to speak
  • Only use the chat facility to discuss aspects of the lesson.  The chat facility should not be used to chat with each other.  Any inappropriate comments or language will be reported to parents/carers
  • Remove any other distractions in the room e.g. music, television, other devices.
  • Make notes at home as directed by the teacher during the lesson
  • Be respectful towards the teacher and other students at all times
  • Arrive promptly to the lesson and stay focused for the full duration

Any student who behaves inappropriately by not following any of these protocols may be excluded from future live lessons and parents/carers will be contacted.

The link for live lessons MUST NOT be shared with ANYONE.  Any student found doing this will face severe consequences and parents will be informed.