The curriculum at Sharples is designed to ensure that all students achieve their potential. The curriculum is broad and balanced but is adapted to cater for students who arrive with very different abilities and aptitudes and our aim is to motivate all of them so that they progress successfully to the next stage of education, employment or training.

The curriculum at Sharples enables all young people to become:

  • successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve
  • confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives
  • responsible citizens who continue to make a positive contribution to society.

At Key Stage 3 (11-13) we deliver the full national curriculum including religious education to all students.  The majority of our students study a language throughout Key Stage 3 but there are a small number who are dis-applied to enable further support for their transition needs to occur. Our aim at Key Stage 3 is to ensure an effective transition from primary to secondary school, to build on the skills developed at Key Stage 2 and to focus on the further development of the skills that make a successful learner.

In Key Stage 3 we have two half-year groups SHAR and PLES and within these students are placed in sets for English, Maths, Science, Humanities, French or Spanish, Computing and Technology.  Students are taught in mixed-ability groups for Art and Performing Arts. The PSHCE curriculum is delivered within form time and via Super Learning Days.

The introduction of pathways and the use of the learning support team enable us to support students with different learning needs.  In all key stages students with special needs are integrated and supported within the mainstream classroom.  A few students may work with support staff on alternative programmes designed to address specific learning issues. We have successfully introduced and are developing our Key Stage 3 nurture group programme to support those students arriving significantly below national benchmarks for Year 7.

From September 2018 we have introduced a 3 year Key Stage 4 model with students taking their options at the end of Year 8.  Year 9 will be a bridging year, developing the skills needed for students to be successful across a full range of at least eight subjects by the end of Year 11.

At Key Stage 4 (13-16) we deliver the full national curriculum and other statutory requirements of Science, English, Maths, and PE to all students.  Students access their entitlement to the Arts, Humanities, MFL and Design and Technology by choosing these in the optional part of their curriculum. Personal and Social Education (including careers, citizenship, health and sex education and work related learning) is delivered within form time and via Super Learning Days.

Our curriculum provides opportunities well beyond the statutory minimum outlined above.  We offer two main languages, French and Spanish but also have students achieving success in languages such as Arabic.  We offer four Technology courses: Graphics, Engineering, Catering and Hospitality and Health and Social Care.  We offer a range of Arts courses including GCSE Art, and this has been further enhanced by the introduction of Photography.  Humanities include History, Geography and RS options.  Physical Education is followed as part of the core curriculum, in addition PE can also be chosen as a BTEC option.  We have Level 2 vocational qualifications (equivalent to GCSE grades 9 to 1) at Key Stage 4 in Business Studies, Digital Media, Engineering, Hospitality and Catering, Health and Social Care, Performing Arts and Sport.

Our Key Stage four curriculum will continue to evolve in response to emerging needs of the students alongside national developments.  Students and parents receive advice about the most appropriate pathway at Key Stage 4.

“You have left no stone unturned in your quest to ensure that every pupil is provided with the building blocks they need to help them be successful.”

Ofsted, 2019