Alumni Spotlight: Beverley Wolfe

Beverley Wolfe at Sharples School from 1994 to 1999.

I left Sharples school in 1999 (I think!). I was fortunate to get a place at Turton sixth form college. I knew from the age of 12 when I hurt my knee that I wanted to be a physiotherapist therefore at college I had to study two sciences (even though I loved arts and graphics!). I studied biology, psychology and English. I did not enjoy my two years at all as I wasn’t very good at biology, the plant side of things, and due to this my tutors told me on several occasions that I wasn’t going to get the grades for physiotherapy so I should think of something else to do. This caused me to be in tears several times and I was encouraged by my parents to do my best and see what happens!

Afraid that I wouldn’t get the grades for physiotherapy after college I got a job with camp America in Maryland for the summer and taught arts and crafts. One day my Dad called me to tell me I had got an E in biology (eek!) and a B in psychology and a C in English and was on the waiting list for physiotherapy at Hertfordshire university. As my biology grade wasn’t good I had been put at the bottom of the list. Luck had it some other students dropped out and university offered me a place but had a chat with me first saying due to my poor biology grade I must work very very hard for the degree. I promised I would as I loved the human biology side, just didn’t like the plant side! I came back from America and started at university in 2001.

I had a great time at university and made many life long friends. During each summer break I went back to America to work as I had made many friends there from all over the world and had lots of fun. In my final year of university I went with two friends to travel Australia for six weeks and had a great time. I worked very hard at university and enjoyed it much more than college! Out of 75 students 5 people got first class honours and I was one of them! I wrote to Turton college to tell them of my success even though they told me I wouldn’t get in to physiotherapy! I even got a university prize for best dissertation.

Once I finished uni in 2004 I got a job as a physiotherapist at Stevenage hospital in Hertfordshire, I had made many friends at uni that were also staying in the area, so wasn’t in a rush to move back to Bolton. Fortunately I then met my husband and we got married in 2008. On honeymoon in Dubai my husband had an interview and got the job so we returned from honeymoon and handed in our notice and moved to Dubai for a new adventure two months later. We wanted to do something fun and different before we settled down.

In Dubai I got a job as a physiotherapist within 6 weeks and again was fortunate enough to work for a company called sports fit that provided physiotherapy at the Dubai tennis championships alongside the ATP physiotherapist. Here I got to work along side the mens physiotherapist and treated on several occasions Novak Djokovic who was then world number two (even though I didn’t know who he was at the time as I am not a tennis fan!). I had this opportunity for two years and then sadly the company I worked for closed. I have been working for another company for the last two years which I enjoy. From Dubai we have been lucky enough to travel to lots of different countries such as China, Thailand etc, but a lot of our holidays are used coming home to see family and friends.

I just came home to Bolton for my best friends wedding. She has been my best friend since play school, we then went to nursery, primary, secondary and college together and went to different uni’s but all this time we have stayed best friends!

My rough plan now is to start to study for my masters next year (currently I am doing a course working towards this) and who knows how long we will stay in Dubai, we have made many friends and are enjoying it!


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