10 Top Tips to Stay Safe Online

By 5 February 2020June 2nd, 2021No Comments

The 11th February is Safer Internet Day. 

Use these tips to ensure you are safe online:

  1. Only talk to people you know and trust in real life;
  2. Don’t give away personal information to strangers – like what street you live on, or where you go to school. Say “No.” if they ask you to share photos or videos of you;
  3. Set your profiles to private;
  4. Be ‘share aware’ – once you share something online, you’ve got no control over what anyone else does with it.  It’s illegal to take, share or view sexual images of under-18s, full stop;
  5. Be mindful of your digital footprint – it could come back to bite you;
  6. If you see something upsetting, or someone bullies you, tell an adult you trust;
  7. Don’t assume everything you see is true to life. People often make their lives look more exciting online;
  8. Watch out for hoaxes and scams like messages you’re asked to pass on or that asks you for payment details or passwords;
  9. Be wary of schemes that promise easy cash in return for you receiving and transferring money, and don’t be fooled by anything that glamorises gang lifestyles;
  10. Watch out for loot boxes or other ways that games get you to pay – before you know it, you can end up spending a lot of money on them.